14 comments on “World Hour Record. 55-59, 49.121 km

  1. Awsome job Kevin !! You make this nor-cal geezers proud, you continue to be an inspiration., hoser 🙂
    Regards – Paul Swinney

  2. Congrats, Kevin! Still, after all these years, you continue to do awesome things on a bicycle.

  3. Hey Kevin, that was an incredible ride! I was curious about your watts during the ride, strava is showing them around 285 for one hour, and if I am not mistaken your FTP is around 370. Is it just the altitude that is affecting your output, or is it very different from riding on the road? Thanks!

    • Christian. Part is altitude. About 10% probably. Part is that I ride rotor rings on the road. They inflate crank based power numbers by 3-4% or so. I guess the rest of it is track. I thought it would be around 305 or so and was quite surprised to see how low it was. On the other hand Dan’s power was 389 for his hour. Hard for me to tell. Perhaps slightly dinner entrees numbers from different power meters?

      The track IS different though. MUCH more variable than a flat road TT.

  4. Congrats and great ride. As a master, age 62 who just got in to track racing last two years, I continue to be impressed with level of commitment and competition and while long way to go, articles like this are great motivation. In addition, the people involved are great and never a bad moment at the track. Your comments about center of gravity and picking it up in the corners really make sense and a great point to focus on. Thanks for that and again, congratulations, real inspiration.

  5. Great result Kevin and well written interesting report too. Based on what I saw you do in test rides at Hellyer I expected you to do a great ride at Aguascalientes.

    I could only laugh at your post event drug test. I had a nearly identical experience when I did my age 75-79 Hour record there in 2014. I think I had at least six water bottles. The officials planned to head back to Mexico City after my event and I was really cutting into their margin to make their flight!

  6. Congratulations. Very happy for you and very much appreciate being able to follow the whole journey here. Again, congrats on an amazing effort!

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