Warnerville Time Trial


Promoter:  Velo Promo

Race Web Site:  http://www.velopromo.com


Course Description: A rolling 36 km out and back course. The finish is on a decent size hill. Not the kind of hill that would do much in a road race, but the kind of hill that’s just plain mean after 35 km or so of riding on the rivet. It would be wise to make sure that your front shifting is working well. Dropping your chain and having to get off to fix it within sight of the finish would be embarrassing.

Road Surface: Decent to not quite so decent. Use care to not get a pinch flat on the rail road crossing.

Gearing: Standard flat TT gearing will be fine as long as you have a working small chain ring.

Facilities: Porta cans at the parking area. And nothing else. If you want or need it, you better bring it.

Weather: Central Valley, August, yeah, it’s gonna get hot.

Feeding: N/A.

Rules Specific to this race: It’s a TT. No drafting.

Race Advice: You would be well advised to get to the race site early enough to ride the whole course before your race. These are rural roads that don’t get much attention from the county. It is helpful to ride the course so that you can get the lay of the land and so that you can see where the worst holes might be so that you can avoid them.

Railroad tracks. DON’T JUMP THEM! The right way to go over railroad tracks is to lightly unweight your bike as you cross the tracks. Let it move around a bit underneath you. Don’t do this in the aero position. If you do, make sure you station a photographer there as I’ll want to see the ensuing crash on the internet the next day. Break aero, get on the cow horns, unweight, float and then back into the aero position. Jumping is not such a great idea as you might come down hard on the second track. Possible bad outcomes of that are a pinch flat or crashing if you come down a little off kilter and your wheel slips on the slippery bare steel. Maybe even both.

Save a little something for the finish climb. If you hit it too hard you will lose a ton of time relative to others if you blow up.

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Kevin Metcalfe


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