Tempus Fugit TT

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Promoter: Red Kite Racing

Course: A Hilly 11 mile out and back time trial.

Course Description: An out and back, 11 mile TT. About 5.6 miles out and 5.4 miles back. The averages 2% on the way out and gains 488′ according to Strava. It’s steeper and flatter in sections. Depending on how you are feeling and how you pace it, you can stay in the aero bars all the way out. Or you may stand up out of the saddle to get over a couple of the rollers. The way back is fast and wide open except for two turns. If you’re a good bike handler and you know those turns you can probably take them at full speed without brakes. Maybe even in the aero bars. I never have and wouldn’t recommend it unless you REALLY have it dialed and know that there isn’t water in the corner, etc. Either way, pay attention on the way out for the first couple of miles and note those corners for your return trip.

Road Surface: The roads are all in good shape.

Gearing: Standard time trial gearing will be fine. It’s uphill to the turn around, but all pretty shallow. Many if not most riders will stay in the big ring on the way out.

Facilities: Portable restrooms at the registration area. Castro Valley is close by if you need something else.

Weather: It will be cool to cold in the spring version. Hopefully not raining. If it is wet, be ESPECIALLY careful on those tricky corners on the way back. For the summer version it might get quite warm, but probably not until after you’ve raced.

Feeding: N/A

Rules Specific to this race: No drafting.

Race Advice: You’ll need to really nail your pacing on the way out. Be very careful about just standing up and powering over each of the rollers. There will be a price for that to be paid later. Try to stay in the aero bars and shift gears as appropriate to keep your effort relatively constant. There are mile markers to give you an idea where you are on the course. The return leg is not just a fun downhill coast. You need to have some gas still in the tank to push hard on the return. There are flat stretches and except for a couple of corners you should be pushing hard the whole way home.

For reference, note that as of today, the Strava KOM for the outbound leg is 13:37 and 9:37 for the return. That’s why Cam Piper won the national TT championship in 2016!

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Kevin Metcalfe