Hour update – 3 weeks to go

I am tentatively scheduled to go at about 7:30pm Central Time on Saturday, July 15th. Three weeks from today. But who’s counting…

The District/State NCNCA TT Championship is always a goal of mine and this year it served double duty as a good opportunity to put down a Marker for the hour. Loyalton is 5,000′ above sea level which is fairly close to Aguascalientes (6,200′) and the elapsed time (50′ vs. 60′) make it a fairly decent comparison for my power output. Conditions were not that great, it was 45 degrees when I started and windy, but I had a phenomenal day a set a new national 55-59 record in 50:16.

Normally I use Q-Rings on my road and TT bikes, but for this TT I used a round 53 tooth big ring. The reason being that I will of course use a round ring on my track bike and that oval rings report a higher power number than round due to the way crank based power meters measure power. For more information on that check Tom Anhalt’s blog here.

My average power at Loyalton was 315 watts. Molly Van Houweling’s data suggests about a 3% drop between Loyalton power and Aguascalientes power. Making that calculation and plugging it into the “magic spreadsheet” suggests that I might go 50.8km for the hour. Rob tells me that I actually have to ride the hour while they watch and that submitting a power file and spreadsheet isn’t sufficient for the record so take that number with a grain of salt. 🙂

BTW, it’s a new USA Cycling requirement that you need to be drug tested for national records. On my way home I met the USADA drug tester in Rocklin, CA at the Bass Pro shop for a urine test. The Reno Wheelmen had set up a tent for USADA at the event, but the DCO didn’t arrive and we arranged the Rocklin meet up. Wonder what the other customers thought as the chaperone and I walked into the handicapped stall together for me to give my sample…

Meanwhile, I’m taking care of some of the logistical issues. Again on the drug testing front, there is a known issue with Clenbuterol being used in livestock in Mexico. A number of people in big events have tested positive due to this. In those cases the root cause was understood, but I do not want to be “that guy”. You know, the one who says “I ate xx and it was contaminated”. Even when it’s true nobody believes “that guy”. To avoid that I am bringing my own protein source with me.

Clenbuterol free chicken

Also on the food front, I’m pretty happy with the new overnight oat and yogurt breakfast that @guenergy has turned me on to, so I’ll be bringing all of the dry ingredients for that in baggies, so that I’ll only need to get yogurt and skim milk once I get there. OCD much?

For the next few weeks I’ll probably do one more track workout, a hard road race and then the district elite pursuit and team pursuit championships the Sunday before I leave. It’s getting close and I’m starting to get excited and nervous.

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