Hour Record

I’ve been thinking about this since I turned 50. It used to be that Keith Ketterer from Southern California held the world record for both 50-54 and 55-59. (Actually the UCI calls it the “Best Hour Performance”.) Both of Keith’s records were right around 45km. Based on some sea level 40km TT’s I’d done I felt that I could probably go 46km at Hellyer Velodrome. It’s not a particularly fast velodrome, but I thought it would be good enough. Though I hadn’t been on the track since 2008, I have plenty of track experience and just needed to get serious and make an attempt. But I sat on my butt and did nothing. A few years back a Brit set the 50-54 record in Manchester with a VERY fast 47.96km. I think I can do that, but certainly not at Hellyer. That adds a lot of expense that is pretty hard to justify for just an ego trip so the idea went on the back burner.
I turned 55 in 2016, but before I even got a chance to think about it a Kiwi rode 47.733 in New Zealand. Again, no Hellyer, need to travel, hard to justify. But then they announced that the Master’s Track World Championships would be in LA in 2017 and 2018. LA’s track is pretty fast. Not as fast as Manchester or Colorado Springs, or especially Aquascalientes though. But if you can piggy back your attempt on an existing event with all the officials, timing and drug testing already there the expense is much less.
So far, as you can see there has been a lot of thought put into the logistics, location, etc., but Dude, you gotta go to the track!

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