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    • Giovanni,

      Good question. In general I am a relatively high cadence guy. I’ve raced at MUCH higher altitudes than Aguascalientes (Pikes Peak for one). But you bring up a good point. Spinning is more aerobic and there is less oxygen at 6-7,000′. What if I start with the expectation of doing 108 rpm and realize part way through that I’d rather push a bigger gear and spin a bit less. Then I’m kind of f’d…

      Thanks for bringing that up. I’ll have to do some thinking on that topic.

      That said, my present intention is to keep the same cadence. Subject to change I guess.


  1. According to the paper Equation of motion of a cyclist,* which determined that one can obtain the best result at an altitude between 3000 and 3500 m. According to the same your max power should decrease but neverthless you should be able to go faster because of the reduced aerodynamic drag. My further inference is that if you want to express your best power at that altitude, your optimum cadence should remain the same. Because you are decreasing the gear by 1/15th (from 15 to 14), that may be enough to increase your speed and maintain the same cadence. going from 45 km to 47 km is exactly 1/15th so it may be just right for you to be able to maintain your cadence.

    Note*: I have a copy to e-mail you if you don’t have it;
    di Prampero PE, Cortili G, Mognoni P, Saibene F. Equation of motion of a cyclist. J Appl Physiol. 1979;47(1):201-206.
    My email is first name last name at gmail.

  2. Giovani,

    Thank you, I would be quite interested to read that paper. Please send it to me at nslckevin@sbcglobal.net.

    In December with good SRM data I averaged a bit over 105 rpm. Last weekend on the same gear (and tires) I averaged a bit over 106 rpm as far as I can tell. Higher for the first 30 minutes. This begs the question of whether or not I would have maintained the higher cadence for a full hour if it had been calm. I think I would have maintained somewhere around 108-109, but I certainly can’t be sure of that. Based on my gear cadence chart, 106 rpm in a 52×14 would take me 49.37 km. 108 rpm would put me at 50.30 km. Frankly, anything less than 49 km will be kind of disappointing. So, if I stick with the idea of 52×14, then I need 106-108 rpm. On the other hand if I went with a 53×14, then 104-106 rpm gives me the speeds I’m looking for.

    Thanks for giving me things to think about over the next month or two. As always, it sounds like I need to spend some more time on the track to figure these things out!



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