Dunnigan Hills RR

Promoter: Velo Promo

Race Web Site:  http://www.velopromo.com


Course Description: A flat to rolling 68 km loop course. The finish has been in a number of places on this course. BTW, this race is pre-reg only. Get there early enough to check out the finish and make your plan.

Road Surface: Decent to not quite so decent. Nothing like Copperopolis or Leesville Gap, but there will be some pot holes here and there. Keep an eye out for them.

Gearing: You’re in the Central Valley, an 11×23 will be just fine.

Facilities: Bathrooms and showers (!) at registration. Bring a towel and some soap and for once enjoy driving home all clean and fresh!!!

Weather: Central Valley, August, yeah, it’s gonna get hot.

Feeding: There are two feed zones in this race and Velo Promo always has neutral feeds, so you will be covered.

Rules Specific to this race: Standard road race rules. Expect that the finish will quite likely be only one lane.

Race Advice: This is a flat road race. Bring those deep carbon wheels if you’ve got them. The only thing likely to break this race up is wind. The wind generally comes from the north in the valley. If it’s windy, do whatever the guys from Sacramento do. They seem to be the only ones who really know how to ride in the wind. Seriously, bone up on echelons. Understand that as the course changes direction, the wind also changes direction relative to the pack. Learn to see and feel this happening and change the rotation of the group up front accordingly. If you are generally heading into the wind but the road winds to the left and right you will find that a position of shelter becomes exposed as you change direction and vice versa. Learn to see this coming and position yourself accordingly. If you are riding straight into a head wind and you see that the road turns up ahead, get your ass to the front because the cross wind may destroy the pack. Even more so if you’re in a tail wind as the guys up front will already be going fast when they make the turn and things string out in the gutter. Think stage 13 of this years Tour de France.

I raced in the first edition of this race way back in 1986. The Pro/1/2 field only had about 35 riders. The P/1/2 race was 100 miles that year on a different variation of this basic loop. The first cross wind section came at 10 miles into the race. When we came out of that cross wind there were only 11 of us left.

Do you see where I’m coming from here? There are four races each year where I PRAY for wind. Snelling, Merco, Bariani and Dunnigan Hills. Me and all of my old Sacramento friends live for this shit.

If it’s not windy, then all bets are off and this race becomes like every other flat race where during the last 5 km of the race you may find yourself saying, “I didn’t even know he was here today”

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Kevin Metcalfe