Don’t Tell Me You Love Me (DTMYLM) is the name of a Night Ranger song on the playlist that I use when I ride the trainer.  When that song comes on I have to make a hard effort for each guitar solo.  But first, there are rules.

  1. I only have to do this if the song comes on during one of my 20 minute work sets.
  2. If it comes on at 17:30 or later in that 20 minute set I can ignore it.
  3. Okay, I can ignore it any time I want and not tell you all, but I’ll know so I don’t do that too often

It all came about in the aftermath of racing in the 2007 Master’s World Championships in Saint Johan in Tirol, Austria.  It revolves around a possible scenario where I might be able to win that race.  In the last 10 km or so (this was in Europe so we have to be cool and speak in terms of kilometers…) my thought is to bridge up to the lead break and then towards the end take a last minute flyer to solo glory.

The first solo is about 45 seconds long and during that solo I visualize bridging up to the lead break.  If done well, this effort is about 450 watts or 120% of threshold.  Not surprisingly I always make contact with the group just as the solo ends.  I get to recover (still riding at my temp to sweet spot level) for a minute or so.  As the song builds to it’s climax and final guitar solo (the final 1:00 of the song) I make my race winning move by attacking and riding full gas until the end of the song.  Again not surprisingly (hey it’s my visualization) I always win the race.  I am not a happy cyclist for those last 15 seconds or so.  The extra fun is that when the song ends I can’t completely rest, I have to settle back into my 85-90% of threshold effort level.

Bonus round when the “random” function on my playlist plays the song two times in a row!  Yes, this has happened and I wasn’t very happy about it but rules are rules…

Everybody should have lots of ’80s hair metal on their trainer play list.

In this video, the final effort would start at 3:45 in.  Luckily the live version is not on my playlist!