Diamond Valley Road Race

Promoter: Bubba Melchor

Course Description: Note that the course starts at the Diamond Valley School in Woodfords, CA at about mile 6.6 of this strava lap segment. The finish line would be at about mile 6.3.

Starting from the school the course heads clockwise on the loop, first flat and then gradually downhill on Carson River Road before turning right onto Diamond Valley road. Shortly afterwards you come to the first of two climbs. They don’t seem like much, but the course is all above 5,000′ above sea level. Later in the race, a strong rider can cause some serious damage by drilling these two climbs at full gas. It’s a long way to the finish, but if you’re strong enough to get that gap you are likely strong enough to stay away. From there it is about 4.5 miles, gradually uphill to the finish. Very gradually. Maybe 1% average grade.

Surface: The roads are all in good shape.

Gearing: For the most part, I run an 11×26 with a mid-compact 36×52 crank for virtually every race I do. That is fine for this race. If you really want close ratio gears an 11×23 will also work great.

Facilities: Porta Cans are located in the Diamond Valley School Parking Lot. Store are close by in Woodfords or Markleyville.

Weather: It’s usually pretty hot for this race. And very dry. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids.

Feeding: The feed zone is just after the start line.

Rules Specific to this race: N/A

Race Advice: If something is going to happen it is likely to be on the two hills at the bottom of the course. If you are strong enough you can hit the hills hard from the bottom and get away either alone or in a small group. They are relatively short and then there are no obstacles for quite a while with plenty of time to recovery. If you want to make that work it will take a complete, all in effort.

Other possibilities are an early break that gets too much leash. Realistically though, somebody will smash it hard enough on the climbs late in the race to force a selection. Will it be you?

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Kevin Metcalfe

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