Crossfire Hurricane Time Trial

Crossfire Hurricane Hill Climb Time Trial

Promoter: Red Kite

Course Description: A 8.1 mile, point to point time trial. The first 3.5 miles relatively flat (but lumpy). After you turn left at the power substation the road will start climbing. Steadily and then with some steep pitches. The higher you get, the more exposed you’ll be to the wind coming from the west. If you’ve done the Patterson Pass Road Race, you know what’s coming. After finishing, go ahead and complete the Patterson Pass Road Race loop to get back to the start.

You have two choices heading back though. You can turn right on Flynn Road as you would in the Patterson Pass Road Race, or you can continue straight all the way down to Greenville Road. Turn right on Greenville and then right again Altamont Pass and head back to the start. The Greenville version is longer but skips the steep climb up Flynn. It also offers the benefit of a convenience store on your way if you want to pick up a snack.

Distances: 8.1 miles for everybody

Road Surface: Generally good pavement.

Gearing: This is NOT a flat TT. Bring some serious climbing gears. This is not a course for a TT bike either. Your best bet is a road bike, maybe with some light clip-on aero bars and light, but aero wheels.

Facilities: Porta cans at registration start area. That is all.

Weather: With an early start it’s not likely to be overly hot during the race. Expect some wind, probably a pretty significant headwind on the climb. As you climb higher you’ll be more exposed to it, especially on the steeper sections of the road.

Feeding: N/A

Rules Specific to this race: Of course there is no drafting in time trials.

Race Advice: Settle into your tempo as quickly as possible. I prefer to exercise my rear derailleur for the small rollers rather than try to keep powering the same gear over them. You want to have something in the tank for the climb itself.

Considering the wind it is probably best to have a small enough gear so that you can stay in the saddle even on the hardest sections. Why stand up to create even more drag in the 20 mph headwind.

Trivia: You’ll pass the infamous Altamont Raceway at mile z, site of the famous Rolling Stones concert, where a fan was stabbed to death by a drunk Hells Angel “security” guard. I suspect that “Crossfire” comes from that reference (Jumpin’ Jack Flash)