Martinez Criterium

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Promoter: Red Kite Racing

Course: An eight corner .5 mile criterium in downtown Martinez.


Course Description: So many corners! The start finish stretch is on the longest straight away, 4 blocks long. It goes like this, from the start/finish line:

  • 1.5 blocks – turn left
  • 1 block – turn left
  • 1 block – turn right
  • 1 block – turn left
  • 1 block – turn right
  • 2 blocks(!) – turn left
  • 1 block – turn left
  • 2.5 blocks to the finish, 4 back to turn 1

All of those turns in the space of about 1:10-1:20!

Road Surface: The roads are all in good shape.

Gearing: Standard flat criterium gearing will be fine.

Facilities: Portable restrooms at the registration area. Coffee, food and snacks are available in downtown Martinez

Weather: It could be REALLY hot for this race.

Feeding: N/A

Rules Specific to this race: Standard crterium rules.

Race Advice: This is not an easy course to move up on. Not that you can’t, but with so many 1 block straight away’s it’s difficult. This is a pretty good course to break away on. It is hard to organize a chase behind and every time they hesitate behind you will gain more time. People who might want to chase will have a harder time getting up front to do so than a normal criterium.

For a sprint, I wouldn’t want to come out of the final corner too far back. I’m not a sprinter, but I’d say if your 5, maybe even 4 places back you don’t have a chance to win.

If it’s hot keep your powder dry early on and let everybody else give themselves heat stroke and then go on the offensive late in the race.

Corrections and additions, please email me!

Kevin Metcalfe