Ben Hur TT

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Course: Ten miles point to point. Rolling up hill for the first seven miles with a steady climb for the final three miles.

Course Description: The start is just past the Mariposa County line on Ben Hur Road. Initially the road is rolling up and down with short steep climbs and short fast descents. There is some steady gradual climbing also. After about seven miles you reach the final climb which is approximately three miles long and has a steady grade of around six or seven percent.

Distances: 10 miles.

Road Surface: Fair to poor county roads.

Gearing: 11×23. Back in the day I used an 11×23 and that was fine. It might be fine now, but with an 11 speed drive train I always default to the 11×26. You will want the 11 or 12 for some fast stretches. Most riders will probably get by with less than the 26 for the climbs though.

Facilities: Portable toilets available at registration area. Sandwiches and groceries are available in Raymond which is approximately four miles from the start.

Weather: By early April the weather should be pretty nice in the Central Valley. It could be windy and allergy sufferers will want to bring the appropriate USOC approved medicines.

Feeding: N/A

Rules Specific to this race: Since this is part of a stage race on time you will be credited with the last place riders time if you have a mechanical problem. If you continue on after your mechanical YOU could record the last place time so it’s best to just stop and call it a day.

Race Advice: Conserve your energy until the final steady climb. Always choose to shift down over the rollers instead of powering over the top. If you blow on a small roller you can lose an immense amount of time. A power meter or heart rate monitor are quite useful in keeping yourself under control through this section to make sure you’ve got something left for the climb.

I used to say not to use a TT bike. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this race, but my understanding is that using a TT bike is the hot ticket now. Kids these days! 🙂 BTW, with the Strava KOM being over 20mph, the TT bike seems like a requirement. It makes sense though, and I’d probably go so far as to use a disk wheel also. If possible ride the course before the race. With a start time of noon that shouldn’t be too hard. Do use clip on aero
bars. Light and aero wheels are the hot ticket for this race.

Lodging: Most riders stay in Madera or Chowchilla.

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Kevin Metcalfe