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San Bruno World Championships (San Bruno Hill Climb)

Promoter: Peninsula Velo

Course Description: A point to point mass start hill climb road race from Brisbane to the top of San Bruno Mountain.

Road Surface: Mostly good pavement.

Gearing: I like to run a 36×26 low gear for this race. A slightly bigger gear might be fine, but I like to stay in the saddle and keep my cadence up. The last mile or so has a lot of 9-10% grade.

Facilities: Porta Cans at registration.

Weather: New Years day is going to be cold. It’s just a question of how cold and possibly how wet…

Feeding: N/A

Rules Specific to this race: N/A

Race Advice: Get there early enough to ride to the top before the race if you haven’t done it before. It’s a nice way to warm up and get familiar with the climb. Also, the view up top is really nice on a clear day.

Bring some kind of bag to pack all of your warm clothes into and put it in the truck that goes to the top before the race. I bring enough warm clothes so that I can pack my back of warm stuff for the top and still have enough warm clothes to wear while warming up and waiting for the start.

Your best bet is to bring a trainer to get a good warm up before the start.

The race generally starts off hard and then gets harder. It can be a bit of a rude awakening after your winter slumber. Do not expect to ride into it. Be ready to go from the gun because surely somebody in the group will do just that.

There will be some separation on Guadalupe Canyon, but the real damage happens after looping into the park on Radio Road. After the right turn loop into the park you go under Guadalupe Canyon and past a parking area. That is about where it starts getting steep. From there you have about 1.5 miles to go.

It can be breezy up top. It’s worth noting where the wind is blowing from and trying to see if you can take advantage of that.

Here is a video preview from the 2015 45+ race.

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Kevin Metcalfe

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