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Coundown (Not the final one though)

It's that time of the year again.

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Daylight Savings Time has ended so it’s time for my annual 2×20′ on the trainer countdown. Every year I figure out how many weekday’s between the end of DST in the fall and it’s return in the spring, then subtract the number of holiday’s and planned vacation days and that’s my number. This year it works out to 72 and today I completed my first one. So, 1 down, 71 to go…

As you might imagine, this song is of course on my trainer hair metal playlist. I just try not to think about the singers lipstick…

As always there are “rules”. Because without rules we’d be living like savages! If it rains on the weekend or a holiday and I ride on the trainer, the count gets incremented, but the “to go” stays the same. It is possible (likely) that I’ll end up doing more than 72. Conversely, if I skip a day because I’m sick or take an unplanned day off to ride outside, the “to go” will still decrement.

Why do I do this? Here’s the answer:

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