We’re Going to Do This!

It’s really going to happen! Dan Bryant (45-59) and I (55-59) are going to get a crack at the “Master’s Best Performance”/(world hour record) for our age groups. We are still trying to work out the date. We were hoping for late May, but that’s just too soon so now we’re thinking late June to mid July. If as rumored they keep the dome up all summer in Colorado we’ll go there. If they take it down we will investigate going to Aquascalientes.

Sponsorship wrangler extrordinaire and team mate Chris Ott is helping to make this dream a reality. Chris has enlisted our team bike sponsor BMC to loan us two of BMC’s new TT bikes to use for this attempt. He has also enlisted GU Energy to help us on the physiological side of things. We’ve already had our first meeting to discuss the effort and it’s really exciting. GU has assigned a team of four or five people to help us out. We gave their nutrition expert our food diaries so that she can figure out if there are ways to improve our performance with better diet. We are also scheduled to get our bodies scanned to get a baseline on our body composition and a Metabolic Effiency test. After that they’ve set us up to get our blood tested to see what markers we might improve on with better diet and training methods. And best of all, all the Stroopwafels I can eat!

Now that Spring finally seems to be trying at least to Spring, I’m going to try and get back to the track periodically and we’re trying to plan a dry run hour record attempt at Hellyer on April 29th. Training is going well and I’m going to shoot for improving my December effort by at least 500 meters, so 46km and change hopefully. (Assuming decent conditions.)

There is other work to be done though.

1. I need to get as much track time as I reasonably can so that I can improve on my technique. Things like riding the black line to minimze distance and not wandering all over the track like last time.

2. I want to do some experimenting with my gearing to know what my optimum cadence is and what my power band or cadence range is.

My ride in December averaged about 105 rpm on a 52×15 gear. But could I have more comfortably done that distance at say 101, 103, 108, or 110 rpm with a different gear? I need to figure that out. My thinking is that if say 105 is my sweet spot for cadence I want to pick my gear so that my goal speed is 105 rpm on that gear while knowing that I can comfortably go faster or slower depending on how things unfold. If you look at the attached Hour_gear_cadence_chart excel file you can see that the rpm range from just barely breaking the record to 50kph is only about 5-6 rpm. If I pick a 52×14, 103 rpm breaks the record by about 200 meters and 108 rpm is 50.3 kph, adding 2.6 km to the record. 6 rpm is the difference between too close to call and probably out of my capability range. Looking at the chart, 1 rpm for an hour will change my distance by a bit over 400 meters.

Picking the right gear will be extremely important!

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