So, Can I Really Break the Record?

Realistically it would be very hard for me to break the record in LA. It’s faster than Hellyer, but not that fast. My best chance to break the record would be in Colorado Springs or Aguascalientes, Mexico. Mexico is the fastest, but much more expensive. Colorado Springs in the past could be kind of a crap shoot with wind and weather. It’s not like I can go there for a month and pick the best day! But now with the covered dome over the Colorado Springs Velodrome that seems to be the best shot.

Rob took my data from Hellyer, using the data from his weather station and my power he figured my CdA, crr, etc. and based on his data from Colorado Springs times for Molly made some estimates. In short, it looks like I can. My Hellyer ride THEORETICALLY would have been a bit over 48 km if it was done in Colorado. Not bad for December. Maybe 49 with proper fitness? Hopefully I’ll get a chance to find out.

All the calculations are in the attached spreadsheeet.

More to come…

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