Pikes Peak Packing List

When I did this race in 2016 the temperature at the start (6:52AM!!!) was in the low 30’s. It was about that same temperature when I got to the top. Getting all sweaty, then sitting around a bit before descending is a recipe for hypothermia. Luckily the organizers will take a bag of clothes to the top for you. DO NOT SKIMP. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for it to snow at the top, even in August. In 2016 it snowed a bit overnight two days before the race.

This is what I brought in 2016 and will bring again for 2017.

(FYI, I’m flying out on Thursday and plan a short ride around Colorado Springs on Friday so I’ve got a pair of shorts, jersey, undershirt, army warmers and short gloves for that ride. The rest is all for use or possible use on race day.)

Pikes Peak Packing List

3 pairs shorts
2 short sleeve jerseys
1 long sleeve jersey
wind vest
2 wind jackets
2 rain jackets
thermal vest
thermal jacket
2 short gloves
long finger gloves (thin)
mid weight winter gloves
thick winter gloves
neoprene gloves for rain
velo tooze
2 knee warmers
leg warmers
2 undershirts (thin)
1 thick sleeveless undershirt
long sleeve base layer
2 arm warmers
cycling cap
ear warmer headband
skull cap
chemical hand and shoe warmers

Likely dressing plan for the start
thick sleeveless undershirt
short sleeve jersey
arm warmers
knee warmers
thin long finger gloves
cycling cap and an ear warmer head band. It’s easy to pull the ear warmers off when you get warm.
wind vest
wind jacket (wear this to the start line, then tie to the fence and pick it up later)

In 2016 I tied the jacket to the fence and wore the vest probably about half way before stuffing it in my pocket. Everything else stayed on. I didn’t even think about pulling my arm warmers down.

If raining or threatening, bring or wear these at the start
neoprene gloves
velotooze (under normal booties)
rain jacket that I can dump along the way if needed.

In my bag for the summit
long sleeve base layer
long sleeve jersey
thermal jacket
wind jacket (the thermal jacket is warm, but wind gets through it. This goes over the thermal)
full leg warmers
chemical hand and shoe warmers
rain jacket (if threatening)
shorts (if rain threatens) (Maybe even in general, changing into all dry clothing will be more comfortable for the cold descent)
skull cap
warm gloves
phone — You know you’re going to want to Instagram this!
GoPro — It’s an awesome descent. Might as well get some good footage.