New US Hour Record (Sort of, not really…)

I finally arranged an opportunity to get the track to myself for an hour of fun. I had envisioned just going around in circles by myself and sorting out the result based on my computer data afterwards. I’d been picking Rob Van Houweling’s brain quite a bit over recent months. When I told him what I was going to do he told me he would be in the area anyway and bring his timing equipment to help out. That was huge. All electronic, no need to try and hear somebody shouting times, just a screen to show my split each lap.

A few of my team mates, Chris Ott, Dan Martin and Nick Theobald showed up to give moral support and help out with schedules and splits. I have really cool team mates!

Seeing as it was December I decided to back off of my 46km assumption and set my schedule for 45.5 km or 26.5 second laps. And it really wasn’t that horrible. Sure it got hard towards the end, but manageable. I ended up riding almost 136 laps for 45.578 km. Almost exactly on schedule. From an effort and pacing point of view the ride was a huge success.

For a mechanics point of view there is a lot of work to be done. At this time I am not very good at all about riding the minimum distance on the black line. It’s hard to say for sure, but over 136 laps I probably gave up 100 meters or more due to my wanderings. That’s okay though, I knew it would be an issue and something that I’ll need to spend a lot of time working on.

On the plus side I broke the Keith Ketterer’s US Hour Record of 45.019 by a bit over 500 meters. Of course I didn’t really because training rides don’t count. You need to have officials, etc. That is fine. I knew that going in and that wasn’t really the point. But it felt nice to know that all that time I’ve been thinking and saying that I could break it at Hellyer I wasn’t just full of crap.

Also, this attempt would not be accepted for a couple more reasons. I had computers to look at. No electronic starting gate and last but not least an ILLEGAL BIKE! Right now I’m using my old Specialized Transition as a track bike. Those little winglets on the down tube are not UCI legal. For a real attempt I will either strip down my Specialized Shiv or maybe/hopefully pick up a BMC TR01 and use that.

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