Inside Tracker

Gu set us up with a company that they partner with called InsideTracker. Through them we got a blood work order at any Quest Labs location. The morning after our testing at UC Davis Sports Medicine I went to the lab and got my blood drawn. A few days later my results were available on the InsideTracker web site. The plan is to get tested four times.

  1. The initial test
  2. A test 3-4 weeks before our record attempt.
  3. Twice afterwards

The first test was a full blown fasting blood test. The second test will be more limited in scope. The idea is to test markers that we can improve in a short period of time if necessary before our record attempt.
Two bits of good news is that my usual low vitamin D and Iron levels were in the normal range. Yeah, me! On the other hand there were a few issues that we’re trying to improve. My white blood cell count is low. In fact every year at my phsical exam it is always low. And actually, my Iron level is high. So I’ve backed off on my iron supplement from every day to once a week.

Based on our current diet and the InsideTracker results, our Gu nutritionalist has given us each a diet plan to improve our markers and to optimize our performance.

Based on my low WBC count we’ve added more nuts, avocado and I’ve changed from my traditional Shredded Wheat breakfast to overnight oats with yogurt and fruit.

Another change, I rarely drink recovery drinks because I’m a bit OCD about my weight and don’t want the calories. I’d occasionally drink one after a really hard race or training ride. No more. Now I drink one after every ride.
And finally, the BIG change. I like soda’s. I tend to drink a LOT of diet coke. I guess this freaks people out, but my usual day would be 1 can w/ my morning snack. 1 bottle and 1 can with lunch. 1 can with my after noon snack and finally, 1 bottle and 1 can with dinner. Now. NO diet cokes. Nothing but water. This is a BIG change for me. But Gu is all in on us for this so I am going to be ALL IN for them. This is an unbelievable opportunity and I am going to follow all of their advice. And you know what? It really hasn’t been that hard. Go figure.

Of course coffee, especially Peet’s Coffee is still okay. Come on, we’re not savages here!

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