How DO you attempt an Hour Record

To set a UCI world record, okay “master’s best performance” you need the following.

  • A UCI Race Permit
  • Three UCI officials including a chief Commassaire
  • Electronic timing
  • UCI legal bike, clothing and helmet (more on that below)
  • Anti-doping control

If it is an elite attempt you need to permit the event at least TWO months in advance and you must present your equipment for inspection at least 15 days in advance. Those are not required for master’s attempts.
For an elite hour record attempt you must also be in the bio passport drug testing system for at least the last 6 months.

Here are some details that you might not consider.

You can’t have a visible computer. That’s why you see track riders with their SRM computer under their seat. You can carry it with you for data, but you can’t use it during the attempt.

If the attempt is indoors you can’t use shoe covers. That’s why you might notice a lot of lace up shoes in timed track events.

You can only have one person on the track to help by calling out splits and schedule information. You can have a second person (or more probably) in the infield crunching data and feeding it to the track side person though.

For a UCI record you need to have an electronic starting gate.

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