Final Lab Testing – 10 days before the hour

Dan and I went in for our final round of performance testing at the UC Davis Sports Performance center in Sacramento. We got DEXA scanned again and tested on the bike.

The one takeaway from the DEXA scan is that my bone density has dropped a bit. That means I’ll be starting some calcium supplements and continue with the weight workouts once we get back from Mexico.

Our on the bike test was different this time. We started out with a metabolic test. This time we kept it short and only went up to our aerobic threshold. Though it never got hard, the data shows that my heart rate and lactate numbers for a given power were lower than last time. So, I’m more fit than I was in March. Yay!

The second part was pretty hard. We did a Maximum Lactate Steady State (MLSS) test. We took my power numbers from the Loyalton TT last month, did a rough conversion for the altitude difference. 315 watts in Loyalton is approximately 340-345 watts at sea level. Judd had me do 3×12 minutes at 330 watts, 340 watts and 350 watts. During those intervals they tested my lactate every 3 minutes. They had me do the 330 and 340 watt steps in one 24 minute block. When that was finished, they had me spin easy until my lactate got down to under 2.0. Then it was back up to 350 watts for 12 minutes. That one kind of hurt. During the 340 step my lactate climbed and then leveled out and even dropped a bit during the last three minutes. For the 350 test my lactate climbed until the end indicating that 350 is not sustainable.

From that data it would appear that my MLSS power is 345 watts. Converting that power output for 6,200’ above sea level tells me that I should be aiming for about 305 watts in Aguascalientes.

My plan is on my first day on the track in Aguascalientes to do some gear testing and do maybe 5’ each at that power in probably a 52×14, 53×14 and 54×14. From that I’ll pick the gear that feels right and do a 20’ effort at race pace. Given the limited time I think that is my best bet for coming up with a solid idea of my best hour pacing. From there I’ll have two days to rest and recover before my schedule hour attempt at approximately 7:30pm central time on Saturday July 15th.

I also had an Inside Tracker blood test on June 30th. I got the results back via email while we were in the lap and was happy to see that all of my markers were in the good zone.

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