Back on the Track

I finally had an opportunity that coincided with decent weather and was able to get back on the velodrome on the first Sunday in April. It was an open session so it’s not like I could just take over the pole lane and endlessly go around in circles. Everybody kind of works in what they need to do around each other and it works pretty well. My goal for the day was to do some pace efforts in different gears. I want some idea of what my comfortable power band is.

After warm up I found a lull and did a 6 minute effort in a 52×16 at about 110-112 rpm. After that I changed to a 52×15 and did another 6 minute effort. This time at about 105 rpm. After another break I tried an effort in that same gear but my legs were feeling the effects of the hard efforts followed by sitting on the infield and I gave it up, went back to the 52×16 and did my final effort in that gear. about 5 minutes at 112 rpm.

Conclusions: The efforts in the smaller gear were really closer to a pursuit pace. I don’t think an hour at 110-112 rpm is right for me. But I think about 108 would be pretty comfortable.

Next step: On April 29th Dan and I are going to do a kind of dress rehearsal 1 hour attempt at Hellyer. We hope to have our BMC TM01′s by then. As you can see, these are road TT bikes, but they have horizontal drop outs and will work quite well on the track. You might note that Evelyn Stevens broke the UCI elite women’s hour record on her road TT frame as did Tom Zirbel (US elite hour record).

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